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Discount on Spending

Un banco di ortaggi There are many ways to save money by shopping, we list some of there.

First of all, we recommend the excellent service provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in collaboration with Ismea and consumer associations: the case of SMS Consumers, a useful and easy to use and saves you the expense everyday.

You can then ask for the price of most common variety of food and agricultural products like fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, bread, pasta, milk, etc. Just send an SMS to the number 47947 indicating the product that you want to know the price and in a few moments you will receive a message with distinct product prices rise in price, wholesale and sale, the latter further divided between north, center and south.

To use the service you must register on the site and follow the instructions. The service, available 24 hours on 24, 7 / 7, is now completely free of charge. Please note that the number of SMS asking price that you can send it to 5 per day and 30 month.

Tips to save money by shopping

Nowadays, shopping is very expensive, especially if done on time and without valid criterion, not just choose the products offer. We will show that you can save by following a few simple but effective steps.

  • Respect the shopping list.
  • Try to go to the supermarket without children, more often than not end up buying unnecessary products.
  • Better go to the supermarket with food, more easily resist temptations, and then make purchases dictated by greed.
  • Beware of deals Promotional: make sure the price is really low and affordable, check if the amount is suitable for your consumption and then the end product.
  • Check the catalog of offerings, and if possible go get the loyalty card, in almost every supermarket offers are limited to holders of loyalty cards.
  • Choose the larger packs, usually agree more.
  • Try the less well-known products, they usually save 10% -15% and the quality is still good.
  • Try to choose products on the shelves are at the bottom, they cost less.
  • Try to buy fruit and vegetables, avoiding the first-fruits. Certainly cost less.
  • Avoid buying prepackaged meats and cheeses, the price per kilo is higher than those sold at the counter.
  • Avoid supplements are often unnecessary and sometimes even harmful.
  • If possible try to buy at the supermarket OTC products: syringes, cotton wool, Alcohol, disinfectants etc certainly cost more in pharmacies.
  • If you can, head to the discounters, according to a survey Codacons saves more than supermarkets, grocery stores and markets.
  • To buy fruits and vegetables or the house we recommend the local markets.

GAS - Buying groups united

The joint purchasing groups are voluntary associations of consumers who buy directly from the manufacturer, thus reducing all the costs of intermediaries and transport for the benefit of significant savings and increased safety on the quality of products.

Buying food in this way you get to save in some cases up to 25% at constant quality, so buying fruits of the season this will cost a bit 'more than the supermarket but with much higher organoleptic quality.

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