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Discount on the ADSL

Compare the best deals on ADSL:

  • Il globo terrestre Infostrada: Infostrada gives you € 200 off in 12 months, unlimited surfing with ADSL up to 8 Mbps and does not pay the fee as Telecom.
  • Vodafone: Vodafone Casa Internet and Phone All Flat surfing with ADSL up to 7 mega talk and no connection charge. Activating the online Vodafone ADSL line you can win great prizes. More information on the site.
  • Alice: In the promotion only if you subscribe online until September 30. For 6 months you pay only € 22.95 per month € 33.95 anise. Less than 66 € discount and FREE activation.
  • Tele2: Only if you subscribe online you can take advantage of many offers and discounts for both consumer ADSL 24/24.
  • Tiscali: All Inclusive (phone + ADSL 8MB unlimited). 25% discount.
  • Fastweb: In promoting free for 3 months and for those who subscribe online discount € 25.
  • Cheapnet: 30% discount on the activation of ADSL in a "no phone line." 100% discount on the activation of ADSL in case you already have an active telephone line.

How to choose the ADSL for you

Choose the ADSL profile to suit your needs are not everyone's cup, there are many factors to be taken into account, such example the speed of data transfer upload and download, the guaranteed minimum bandwidth operator, activation fees, contract or 24/24 etc consumption.

Often, many consumers activate a profile ADSL without even knowing the characteristics of the service. explains how to choose the best offer you wish to use ADSL and it will highlight the best ADSL in terms of the relationship "money" more convenient packages and extras included, such as digital TV, VOIP, mobile and fixed telephony.

First check the download speeds offered by providers: Be careful because some Internet providers require an additional fee for faster speeds, but speeds are offered in basic packages from other providers. So the first rule is to not only compare prices between providers, but the download speeds offered in relation to price.

In addition it is useful to understand what kind of user you belong:

  • Moderators: electronic mail, browsing websites.
  • Medals 24/24: use of the line 24 hours on 24, e-mail, browsing websites, VOIP, download movies, mp3 etc.
  • Online Player: This type of ADSL users must choose a profile that ensures a very low latency, so it must do Ensure that the ADSL line is set to be purchased in FAST rather than INTERLEAVED, as with traditional ADSL.
  • Business user: Offers ADSL companies are characterized by additions such as static IP / fixed, but larger bandwidth, modem, beyond the traditional ones, more web space, several email accounts etc.

Another point of comparison may be the duration of the contract: it is often useful for those who live in rent and maybe already know that soon will change the house, such as non-resident students, etc.. In these cases there are some providers that offer ADSL line activation with a contract up to 1, 2 or 3 months.

Once established the characteristics of ADSL that most suits your needs, go to the site operator and pay attention to discounts all operators now offer attractive discounts on ADSL Active line, especially when there is activation over the Internet with payment by credit card. For example Fastweb offers € 25 discount if you activate online or other discounts are made on the activation of the service, often with discounts of up to 100%. Tiscali instead offers a discount of 25% until 2010. Other operators such as Alice offer 3 months free subscription.

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