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Mediolanum Bank:
Following the implementation of the standard expected by Bersani, Banca Mediolanum charges the customer a rate among the best in the market with a spread ranging from 0.79% to 1.09% compared all'Euribor and taking the load of all practices concerning the portability towards Banca Mediolanum.



Useful advice to open a loan for the home

Open a mortgage nowadays is a not to be taken at hand, many banks offer different deals and beneficial as appropriate. E 'should do well attention and learn more banks as possible so as to have all the necessary information to proceed. Choose well and then the bank and ask for more information.

We have to choose carefully where the bank open the loan. Note most dangerous of mirrors for allodole, which abboccano convinced many savers to save for the purchase of first house: the so-called "rate of entry." Very often happen to see advertised by banks loan rates very low, 1%, 1.5%, 1.9%, which undoubtedly attract many of us.

But we must be very careful because these rates remain in force only for a limited period of time, then will be subject to the final rate, "rate up", certainly much higher than that takes into account the parameter indexing, for example Euribor and the Spread, the margin applied by the bank, which in many cases may increase considerably. Another thing to watch which is the difference between Tan and Taeg. We recommend to inform you immediately on these values, not up with unpleasant surprises in the future.

Despite rates have risen to 5.75 percent in recent months, you can still find some bank that offers better rates with repayment periods longer, as Mediolanum Bank and its Chebanca.

It often happens, however, that interested in a loan not be able to move with ease in the world of banks, loans, facilities and so forth. That is why we recommend contact the Financial Advisors, professionals not dependent on banks, which look after the interests of the customer allowing him to obtain substantial savings in guiding choice of best offer.


Tan: Annual Nominal rate is an index that shows the annual interest that apply to the bank loan.

Taeg: Yield Effective Annual Global, is an index that includes all the total costs associated with financing (including "charges accessories "). The Taeg considers almost all of the financial burden related to a loan:

  • Interest
  • Cost of opening the investigation
  • Expenditure on collection of instalments
  • Expenditure for insurance imposed by creditor, to assure the repayment of credit in case of death, disability, illness or unemployment of debtor
  • Cost of mediation conducted by one third if necessary for obtaining credit
  • Other expenses covered by the contract

Isc: Indicator Synthetic Cost is calculated in accordance with the discipline on Effective Global Annual Rate (APR), includes the charges specified in the legislation for Taeg.

Euribor: Euro Interbank Offered Rate, is the average rate at which financial transactions take place in Euro between European banks, thus represents the Recognition of the cost of money in the market. This is the rate, updated daily, to which the bank can buy or sell currencies.

Spread: profit margin that is applied by the bank base rate as its earnings. Essentially a variable rate loan will be repaid at a rate set by the variable component Euribor plus the fixed component Spread.

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