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Discount on Energy Saving - The Home Class A

Una lampadina a basso consumo energetico In trying to offer a more complete service, we have compiled for you these simple directions on how to reduce domestic consumption for reduced environmental impact, but also a better quality of life for you and your children.

Some golden rules:

  • Only use energy efficient light bulbs: they consume less electricity and last longer.
  • Always remember to turn off the light when you leave a room.
  • Install flow reducers on taps. It takes less energy for heating water.
  • Do not leave appliances on standby. The famous red light LED that indicates how the tool is connected, although not in function (but a minimum of the energy consumed, or even the LED would not light).
  • Place electrostatic valves on radiators, the temperature evenly in different environments, reducing consumption.
  • Fill the dishwasher when you have to use it well, to make sure you get the best result (most clean dishes) with a minimum consumption of water and electricity.
  • Use the washing machine with programs for mild and low temperatures.
  • No electricity for drying dishes and clothes. Really need to use it?
  • Use energy-efficient windows. Our old windows are the main cause of heat loss, resulting in wasted energy. Special fixtures allow significant savings in electricity bills.
  • Buy appliances class A + or A + +, which represent the most efficient models, with very low annual energy consumption.
  • Replace electric water heater (the most expensive appliance) with the gas, certainly cheaper.
  • Change the boiler gas condensing ones, which consume less and enjoy tax incentives.
  • In winter, set the heating to no more than 20 ░.
  • Reduce use of air conditioning in summer.

These are small steps, but which together can make a big difference in your bill.
All for our benefit and the environment.

Home Class A

Walls without insulation, windows, thin or badly assembled, thermal bridges between different materials, windows and ceilings that disperse heat and force us to use heating and air conditioners. With all this we are to deal in terms of additional costs in bill that could easily be avoided by a careful choice of the house (as well as the office).

The implementation of these measures that improve the livability of your home and its efficiency is what allows you to take it to the level of Class A, Class the top energy savings in fuel consumption.

Are expenses which, we repeat, are recovered through savings on heating and air conditioning bills, not to mention the increase in the value of the upper class and that translates into a real investment in the future.

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