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Discount on Auto - Car Buying Guide

Un Buying a car is not easy and should not be underestimated, especially if you are looking for a used car. The best thing, as always in these cases, it is not in a hurry: you must have a clear idea of the type of car best suits your needs, such as a minivan, convertible or wagon, and of course you have to deal with the budget.

It is useful to know immediately if it is better to turn to a car dealership, a dealership or directly from individuals. You have to consider well, although at the individual price can be much lower than the dealership, it is also true that when you buy a used car from a dealership you have sufficient certainty that the machine has been revised, ETC systems.

When you buy a car, the top priority must be security, so try to check everything goes smoothly, do not stop just in front of a good price, this is often one of the worst mistakes that can be committed during the purchase of the machine.

For those who want to save money buying a car, there are network offers discounted car km0.

  • What are they and how to choose the car km0?
  • How much can you save?

Contrary to popular belief are not machines or faulty used for the test drives from dealers, but are cars that are purchased and registered in the name of the retailer in return for the calendar year sales targets set by the manufacturer. These cars are sold at substantial discounts of 20% - 30% off the list price, sometimes higher and are always ready for delivery. Surely they have a big economic advantage, but are not very customizable, so no additional options and no choice of color, but they provide a substantial savings.

However, it is advised to ensure that the car is actually Km0, because some of these cars are moved from one dealer to another when they can not be sold immediately, you risk that some of these have several years of life. To avoid unpleasant surprises, follow these simple saving tips on self Km0:

  • Always check the pollution class, make sure that there is at least EUR 5.
  • Carefully check the date of first registration to see how long it is still covered under warranty.
  • Always ask if the change of ownership will be at your expense, it is about 400 € to be added to the final price.
  • In the case of cars from abroad, check if the contract is the word "taxes on the sidelines" or "Article 36", in that case you would pay a substantial sum to regularize the vat. This is because the EU considers the Km0 as new cars and who cares to pay 20% of total value.

Discount New Cars

It is well known that buying a car involves no small expense. There are many ways to get some discount from homes or Dealers from or through the state ecoincentivi, extended until the end of 2008 but with changes to the rules for those who scrap.

The state contribution was reduced to 700 €, but is also extended to those who scrapping a Euro 2, just that it was registered before 1 January 1997. As you go up to € 800 incentive for those who buy a new car with CO2 emissions up to 120g. and exemption from stamp duty for one year.
Sites of Homes manufacturers and dealers can see all possible offers and discounts on the purchase of the car.

Save money on fuel

How many of you are wondering how to save on fuel in your car? Especially at this time, given the high price of oil skyrocketing, they make a decision with your wallet.

We we did a search on the internet, we have documented and compiled a small list of tips that if followed could lead to considerable savings on fuel consumption:

  • Avoid rocketing, try starting with an alcohol in this way you avoid a high consumption of fuel during acceleration.
  • Climb gear without pulling the engine at full throttle, you save on unnecessary consumption.
  • Turn off the engine during prolonged periods, such as at level crossings.
  • Maintain a speed as constant as possible, especially on the highway. Irregular gaits are dangerous and consistently increase the fuel consumption.
  • Decelerated from a distance when the traffic light is red, it's useless to get fired and all of a sudden stop in the vicinity of the red. Arriving at the stop sign at speed you can reach the crossing with the green, avoiding a break with its consumption.
  • Remember that the car's weight contributes to fuel efficiency: Do not carry unnecessary weight in the trunk, take only what is necessary and remember that every kilo less fuel is saved. provides you with a list of dealers who sell cars Km0 on the internet.

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